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Top tips for foot care - Foot Health Week

Will Delahunty podiatrist

October 15th-21st marks Foot Health Week, and this year’s it’s all about “moving, pain-free and living a fuller life!”

Our onsite Podiatrist, Will Delahunty from Coast Sport has compiled some handy tips to help keep your feet healthy and well.

9 Foot Care Tips:

1. Wash your feet regularly

Keep your feet clean by washing them every day with warm soapy water.

2. Dry your feet well

It’s extremely important to dry your feet thoroughly, especially in between the toes where fungal infections like athletes foot can develop. If you have constantly wet skin in between the toes applying surgical alcohol or methylated spirits with a cotton bud, can be used to dry out the area.

3. Moisturise regularly

If your skin is dry, apply moisturising cream all over the foot except in between the toes, steer clear of anything with a high mineral oil content as it doesn't soak into the skin on your feet as well as natural based emollients like lanolin etc.

4. Cut nails carefully and regularly

Trim your nails regularly with a good clean pair on nail clippers. It is important to avoid picking your nails or cutting down the side of the nails because this can lead to painful ingrown toenails. Especially important if you have diabetes or other chronic diseases.

5. Be careful with hard skin

If you are going to attempt to remove any hard skin on your feet, remove gently with a wet pumice stone. Please don't try to cut hard skin or corns as it can lead to painful complications.

6. Clean socks everyday

It is Important to change into a clean pair of socks everyday.

7. Wear good shoes

Good shoes are very important to maintain your foot health. It is also important to choose shoes that have the correct length, width and depth providing plenty of support. If you need to wear high heels for work, then it’s best if possible to wear comfortable shoes to and from work or any time you can throughout the day.

8. Get moving

Exercise regularly to maintain and improve the circulation in the feet it is recommended that at least 30 minutes per day is beneficial.

9. Seek Medical Advice

Do not allow foot problems to progress and worsen. If you are having any foot pain or discomfort it is best to get it checked by your podiatrist.

Do you have problems with your feet?

Here is a handy checklist:

Do you....

  • Have painful feet?

  • Experience leg pain?

  • Have painful knees?

  • Experience sore hips?

  • Find walking or standing uncomfortable?

  • Experience leg or foot pain during sport?

  • Need advice on correct footwear?

Ticked one or more boxes? Then you need to see a podiatrist!

Podiatry appointments available at Tuggerah Medical Centre and Toukley Family Practice.

Bulk Billing for Care plans and New patients are welcome.


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