Got a wound that won't heal? see a wound expert!

Wound care clinic Toukley Family Practice

The Advanced Wound Care Service (AWCS) at Toukley Family Practice is now open!

Did you know: Nearly half a million Australians a day suffer from chronic wounds.

Toukley Family Practice is pleased to be able to offer the community a specialist wound clinic known as the Advanced Wound Care Service (AWCS). The clinic provides thorough assessment, treatment and management of complex chronic wounds that are proving difficult to heal. The AWCS is the only service of its kind available on the Central Coast located in a General Practice setting.

What is a chronic wound?

A chronic wound is a wound that does not heal in an expected time frame and does not respond to simple wound care management strategies.

Chronic wounds normally occur when healing seems to get stagnated in one or more of the phases of wound healing. To overcome this, you should seek advice and support from a qualified wound care practitioner. This can jump-start the healing process. A practitioner can look at you and your wound on multiple levels and address those factors needing to be altered to bring balance to your wound to help it to heal, and of course help you to live your life in the manner that you deserve.

Our aim at Mariners Medical Advanced Wound Care Service (AWCS) is to help you achieve optimal healing outcomes, whilst using a comprehensive range of products based on evidence based practice approach.

What is Lympoedema?

Lympodema is a collection of fluid that causes swelling of limbs normally in the arms or legs and can affect any limb. Some patients might experience swelling in the head, genitals, or chest.

The lymphatic system is a part of the circulatory system and it is its own system vital for immune function.

More about the Advanced Wound Care Service Clinic:

Toukley Family Practice offer a comprehensive wound care service for the Central Coast community.

This unique clinic utilises an integrated care approach involving an experienced team and services comprised of a qualified wound care nurse, GPs, pain management, physiotherapy and other allied health support. AWCS clients are cared for as individuals who deserve highly personalised care and attention to ensure optimal healing.

Low frequency ultrasound is included in assisting wound therapy – this can help to kick start the wound healing process.

The therapy is bulk billed, however there may be out of pocket expenses for recommended specialty dressings or products.

Call 02 4352 8600 to find out more information and for bookings.

In the past 4 weeks, have you or a family member experienced a wound that has:

  • not improved

  • increased in size

  • become difficult to live with (pain/leakage/smell)

  • interfered with everyday activities

  • negatively impacted on sleep and rest

If you answered YES to one or more of the above questions, you should contact us at the Advanced Wound Care Service.

If you or someone you care for could benefit from the wound clinic, please give us a call today for a consultation, call 4352 8600.

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